Event Schedule

Ironman Challenge:

Download the Ironman 2017 tracking sheet HERE.

Important dates to note:

  • Weigh outs: April 16-19, locations and time TBD
  • The Finale: April 22nd at the Lighthouse Inn

Event registration will open 2 weeks before the start of an event. Be watching for our emails on Sunday mornings.

This schedule was last updated: 1/24/17

Download the most recent version HERE.

Guidance Tips

  • Be sure to add mailbox@leanonthelakeshore.com to your contacts. This ensures our emails don’t go to your SPAM box.
  • Drink at least 64oz of water a day!
  • Journal your food intake, water and exercise. MyFitnessPal,'Lose It' app, MyPlate.gov, 'Fit Day' App and Livestrong.com are all FREE! This one thing makes you so much more successful than if you didn’t journal.
  • Exercise a minimum of 30mins a day.
  • Use the Schedule!

What is Lean on the Lakeshore Challenge?

Lean on the Lakeshore is a 100-day weight loss challenge starting January 8th, 2017, open to anyone who lives or works in Manitowoc County and is interested in living a healthier lifestyle or losing weight.

Each week, teams are invited to attend various events and activities at different locations in Manitowoc County. Activities will include exercise classes or sessions at various fitness facilities, as well as outdoor fitness activities. Events will include nutrition education presentations, cooking demonstrations, and fitness challenges. This year’s challenge will have a military fitness theme and will also include learning about Asian Cooking.

The cost of registration is $35.00 and includes t-shirt, activities on the 100 day schedule at many local facilities, guidance via Facebook and emails, a finale party where you can win free gym memberships!

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