Registration is now open

Registration for the 2019 HFM Lean on the Lakeshore is now open. Please click the button below to begin registration at TicketLeap. Make sure to register by January 9 to get the 2019 t-shirt and be entered into the overall weight loss challenge.

Cost: $50 Entry Fee

Register Here

Weight loss Challenge:

Qualifying participants must weigh in and weigh out and have weight recorded via motion connected account. If you weigh in or out during the "Assisted weigh ins," this data will also qualify for prizes.

Also, qualifying participants will attend at least one class in four of the five categories:

Note that watching our Facebook Live presentations DO count for attendance, as does just one entry into the cooking contest... (But why not try them all?) We will note attendance from Ticketleap registrations, and you will self-report on your motion connect app all of the challenges you achieve. Look for more details on your MCHUB App in the very near future.

Winners based on:

Prizes ($1700 overall, top 3 males, top 3 females)

Each winner will receive a 1-year membership to one of the following facilities. Planet Fitness, YMCA, or The Wellness Center. HFM Wellness Center, Planet Fitness and the YMCA have each offered 1 membership each for the males and one for the females. First place winner picks first, then second, then third. Medal ceremony at the finale.

New in 2019

Teams/individuals will ALL have opportunity to ‘win a workout with a trainer’ available at most of our seminars and lectures! Prize items are up for grabs as well.

The YMCA, and HFM Wellness Center have all agreed to take teams for really cool workouts! We hope this spreads out our trainer’s expertise a bit more.

Festival Foods’ Head Over Meals 100-Day Challenge:

Enter BOTH the Lean on the Lakeshore AND Festival Foods contests with one dish!

Festival Foods is inviting the public to join their 100-day challenge called Head Over Meals: Fall in love with homemade meals in 2019 starting on Thursday, January 10. The challenge is aimed to help you get back in your kitchen, and make simple homemade meals. Not only that, Festival Foods is giving away a five night trip for two adults to Jamaica to one lucky winner.

We’re encouraging Lean on the Lakeshore participants to join the challenge. We’ll be sharing Festival Foods’ cooking challenge on our Facebook page every Thursday. Your job is to try the challenge and post a photo of your dish on our Facebook page with #LeanOnTheLakeshore and #HeadOverMeals19. By participating in this challenge, we’re offering you an opportunity each week to be entered into a random drawing held at the Lean on the Lakeshore finale on April 13 to win a Char-Griller Duo Black Dual-Function Combo Grill valued at $329.

  1. 1. Join the Festival Foods’ challenge by visiting:
  2. Watch for the weekly cooking video challenge on the Lean on the Lakeshore Facebook page starting January 10.
  3. Try the cooking challenge.
  4. Post a photo of your dish on the Lean on the Lakeshore Facebook page with #LeanOnTheLakeshore and #HeadOverMeals19. In your post, please share information about your technique, how the dish tasted, what you learned, or even the recipe. Every post on our Facebook page will get you an entry to win a Char-Griller Duo Black Dual-Function Combo Grill valued at $329. One entry per person weekly. Names will be entered into a random drawing to be held at finale on April 13.

Ironman Challenge:

You have 1 month to complete 2.4 miles in the pool walking or running = 160 lengths. Each Aquatic class in the lap pool counts for 20 lengths. 112 miles on the bike (indoor cycling classes count for 15 miles unless your bike has mileage shown – then use that) and a 26-mile run or walk.

You have FREE access to the YMCA and Holy Family Memorial Wellness Center to complete your triathlon from February 25th to March 25th 2019.

Excellent prizes will be awarded to all completing the full Ironman, many have BONUS prizes in them as well! You will receive those at the finale.

Please complete as much as you can. If you have reasons that you cannot complete all elements of the triathlon – contact Joni to inquire about possibly still completing the challenge.

Turn in your completed Ironman Tracking Sheets to the YMCA or Wellness Center front desk by Wednesday March 27th!

Download the Ironman 2019 tracking sheet HERE.

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Guidance Tips

What is Lean on the Lakeshore Challenge?

Lean on the Lakeshore is a 100-day weight loss challenge open to anyone who is interested in living a healthier lifestyle or losing weight.

Each week, you are invited to attend various events and activities at different locations in Manitowoc County. Activities will include exercise classes or sessions at various fitness facilities, as well as outdoor fitness activities. Events will include nutrition education presentations, cooking demonstrations, and fitness challenges.

The cost of registration is $50.00 and includes t-shirt, activities on the 100 day schedule at many local facilities, guidance via Facebook and emails, a finale party where you can win free gym memberships!

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