New in 2018

In lieu of ‘facility led teams’, teams/individuals will ALL have opportunity to ‘win a workout with a trainer’ either with the entire team attending an event, or simply by putting in a request for a trainer, or style of workout. Jazzercise, Crossfit, the YMCA, and HFM Wellness Center have all agreed to take teams for really cool workouts! We hope this spreads out our trainer’s expertise a bit more.

Lakeshore Humane Society Partnership:

We stand to benefit when our furry friends become our workout partner, or our relaxation buddy. Two sessions are open for registration right NOW! Take the training for the Lakeshore Humane Society and you will have a dog to walk with, or cats to help socialize and relax with.
If Lean on the Lakeshore Participants get in a minimum total of 10 hours per month (between all of us) the Lakeshore Humane Society will receive an anonymous donation in the amount of $5,000. BUT the REALLY COOL part is that whomever volunteers the most time gets that donation made in their name! (And of course a nifty prize for themselves...along with some sweet recognition for the top 3 volunteers at the finale).

Ironman Challenge:

You have 1 month to complete 2.4 miles in the pool walking or running = 160 lengths. Each Aquatic class in the lap pool counts for 20 lengths. 112 miles on the bike (indoor cycling classes count for 15 miles unless your bike has mileage shown – then use that) and a 26-mile run or walk.

You have FREE access to the YMCA and Holy Family Memorial Wellness Center to complete your triathlon.

Excellent prizes will be awarded to all completing the full Ironman, many have BONUS prizes in them as well! You will receive those at the finale.

Please complete as much as you can. If you have reasons that you cannot complete all elements of the triathlon – contact Joni to inquire about possibly still completing the challenge.

Turn in your completed Ironman Tracking Sheets to the YMCA or Wellness Center front desk by Saturday, March 31st!

Download the Ironman 2018 tracking sheet HERE.

Event Schedule

Download 2018 Calendar of Events HERE.

Download 2018 Event Descriptions HERE.

Download 2018 Condensed Calendar HERE.

Full list of Events on Eventbrite can be found HERE.

Event registration will open 2 weeks before the start of an event.
Be watching for our emails on Sunday mornings.

This schedule was last updated: 1/17/18

Important dates to note:

  • Weigh outs: TBD
  • The Finale: April at the Lighthouse Inn

General FAQ's

Continued weight loss/maintenance prizes for last years participants

Facebook page and Biweekly Emails

Sunday Emails include

Saturday Recap includes

CANCELLATIONS due to weather

Registering for Events

Events are opened on Sunday mornings by 7am for the following two weeks.

Definitely use the Waitlist if the event is full.

Watch your emails for notification that you can attend – and answer right away because you have 15 hours to reply or the spot may offered to another waitlist attendee. Waitlists let us know if we need to offer another class of this type, or perhaps we can get you into the facility that is offering it and you might be able to try the class that way instead.

CANCEL as early as possible if you know you are unable to attend.

To CANCEL your ticket:

1) Go to from any DESKTOP device.
Click your name in the top right corner. (May also be a blank profile icon.)

2) Select TICKETS then select the event you wish to cancel.

3) On the left hand side are 3 buttons, select the button that says CANCEL ORDER.

4) Confirm your cancellation.

Guidance Tips

What is Lean on the Lakeshore Challenge?

Lean on the Lakeshore is a 100-day weight loss challenge open to anyone who is interested in living a healthier lifestyle or losing weight.

Each week, you are invited to attend various events and activities at different locations in Manitowoc County. Activities will include exercise classes or sessions at various fitness facilities, as well as outdoor fitness activities. Events will include nutrition education presentations, cooking demonstrations, and fitness challenges.

The cost of registration is $35.00 and includes t-shirt, activities on the 100 day schedule at many local facilities, guidance via Facebook and emails, a finale party where you can win free gym memberships!

Contact Us

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