Cost: $35 Entry Fee

By completing the information form, you are committing to completing the challenge. Entry Fee includes admission to fitness facilities for events and a Lean on the Lakeshore T-shirt. All participants who sign up before Dec.1st will also receive extra incentives!

Ways to Participate:

Facility-led teams:

Register by November 30th. There are a limited number of spots available on teams at Holy Family Memorial Wellness Center, YMCA, Jazzercise, and Defiant Fitness. You will have a trainer to guide you through your 100 day challenge, and a team to support you. If accepted, you will receive a 100 day free membership to that facility. Below are the requirements for applying.

Requirements of the facility led teams:

  • You must have a need to lose at least 20lbs.
  • Required to weigh in and weigh out regardless of how you have done.
  • Weight must be recorded with trainer weekly or at least reported.
  • Must communicate with trainer either text or email.
  • Must make workout requirements as set by trainer.
  • Must not be a member of any of the facilities that are hosting teams.
    (There are some facilities that may allow current members to also join the team, this should be confirmed with the facility before you register.)

Make your own team:

Chose a captain and invent a fun team name. Have the captain create a team. Then have friends, family or co-workers search for that team name and register as part of the team. You will get full use of all of the events on the schedule- including a finale full of prizes! No requirements to make, just enjoy!

As an Individual:

You’re invited to participate in all events and activities, and share in the education and informational process.

Event Schedule

Important dates to note:

  • Weigh ins: January 5-7 at HFM Wellness Center or at Kick Off Jan 8th at the Senior Center: Those registering at the kick-off can weigh in between 11am and 1pm, those pre-registered may be weighed in from 2pm and 4pm.
  • Weigh outs: April 16-19, locations and time TBD
  • The Finale: April 22nd at the Lighthouse Inn

Event dates and times are subject to change.

This schedule was last updated: 11/8/16

Download the most recent version HERE.

Meet the Facility Team Trainers

  • Joni Shavlik

    Holy Family Memorial Wellness Center


    Certified through ACE, NETA in group fitness, personal trainer, pilates. 30+ years experience in the fitness industry with many apparatus certifications (kettlebells, step, TRX, cycling, core, tabata, pre/post natal, cancer exercise specialist...)

    Classes I Regularly Teach:

    I regularly teach pilates, water classes, and sub often for cycling, and have taught almost everything!

    What are you looking for in a Team Member?

    I want my team to be ready to make a commitment. If that's where you are in your life, then join my team and plan to learn about all aspects of weight loss, journaling being the tool I use to do this. We will learn why journaling, water intake, and regular exercise is so important to reaching your goals. We will weigh in each week, we will try to make a weekly workout along with 'homework' given to you throughout the week until we meet again. Regular communication via texts, emails, and our facebook page will be used to gather for workouts.

  • Heather LaFond

    Defiant Fitness


    B.S. Human Biology with Exercise Science emphasis (UWGB), ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, Certified Piloxing® SSP, Piloxing® Barre, & Piloxing® Knockout Instructor, 7+ years experience in the fitness industry.

    After having over-come depression, alcoholism, and an eating disorder to tackle a 130 lb weight-loss, I discovered my passion to lead others through a lifestyle improvement process. I began my company, Defiant Fitness, in 2012 in hopes of leading those who struggle with their physical and emotional health.

    I have lost and kept off over 130 lbs for 9+ years. I have designed and developed trademarked classes and challenges for Defiant Fitness. I have recently expanded into online training with my 30 Day Get Fit with Defiant Fitness Program. I teach a weekly fitness class at UW-Manitowoc during the school year.

    Classes I Regularly Teach:

    FitFusion™, H.I.I.T. Lunch™, Kettlebell Fusion™, Kickboxing™, Piloxing® Barre, Piloxing® SSP, and RopeBurn™

    Training Style:

    My method of training involves not only the physical aspect, but nutritional and emotional components as well. Your metabolism, mental state of being, and physiology is as unique as your story! I pride myself recognizing each client’s uniqueness by leading them through a personalized life-improvement experience.

    What are you looking for in a Team Member?

    I am looking for people who are ready to commit to leading a healthier, happier lifestyle! Members of my team will participate in weekly weigh-ins, have access to nutrition & lifestyle coaching as well as regular workouts. We will set individual goals as well as a team goal for the duration of the challenge. Members of Defiant Fitness’ team will be asked to journal nutrition and physical activity to best guide them on their journey. Communication will be done through text, email and Facebook.

  • Candy Ruffolo



    14 years group exercise instructor and senior coordinator for the YMCA

    Classes I Regularly Teach:

    Body Sculpt, Bootcamp, Indoor Cycling, Adult Weight Lifting Classes, Senior Water Class, Silversneaker Classes and Laugh Yoga

    What are you looking for in a Team Member?

    Looking for team members who will be committed to the team willing to put the time and effort in, and not afraid to get out of there box and of course willing to laugh and have fun.

  • Theresa Gregor



    Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Ripon College, Personal Trainer (clients ages 16-80) for five years (at the Y in Oshkosh, other fitness facilities, & in my home), Facilitator for the Livestrong Program

    Classes I Regularly Teach:

    Zumba, Zumba Toning, & Zumba Gold (been teaching Zumba since 2010), Sub for Silver Sneakers

    What are you looking for in a Team Member?

    I am looking for someone that is willing to step outside the box and is open to trying to new things. Also to be motivated and ready to work hard, but most importantly have some fun (because I have a huge sense of humor). Does not matter age, gender, or physical activities level.

  • Debbie Klingeisen



    Certifications through ACE, AFAA, NCCPT with 30+ years dance and fitness experience to instruct group exercise for adults, seniors, and children. Years of experience teaching Dance Mixx, Step, Fusion, Core, Strike, Strength 60, LITE, Juniors, Team Jazzercise, and Personal Training.

    Training Style:

    I own and operate, with the assistance of 13 associates, a variety of Jazzercise classes in Manitowoc, Two Rivers, Mishicot, Kiel, Valders, Green Bay and De Pere. Working with primarily “busy” women, I believe providing classes close to home or near your job is a great opportunity for you to be consistent.

    What are you looking for in a Team Member?

    Results will happen when changes are made! You will need to be mentally prepared to make changes to your current lifestyle. We will journal our eating, exercise, sleep and water intake. I will work with you on technique, quality of your movements, and your intensity. We will begin with measurements, and body compositions. You will weigh in weekly. We will create a workout schedule using Jazzercise classes as well as activities offered in our community. We will communicate in person, and thru emails.

Guidance Tips

  • Be sure to add to your contacts. This ensures our emails don’t go to your SPAM box.
  • Drink at least 64oz of water a day!
  • Journal your food intake, water and exercise. MyFitnessPal,'Lose It' app,, 'Fit Day' App and are all FREE! This one thing makes you so much more successful than if you didn’t journal.
  • Exercise a minimum of 30mins a day.
  • Use the Schedule!

What is Lean on the Lakeshore Challenge?

Lean on the Lakeshore is a 100-day weight loss challenge starting January 8th, 2017, open to anyone who lives or works in Manitowoc County and is interested in living a healthier lifestyle or losing weight.

Each week, teams are invited to attend various events and activities at different locations in Manitowoc County. Activities will include exercise classes or sessions at various fitness facilities, as well as outdoor fitness activities. Events will include nutrition education presentations, cooking demonstrations, and fitness challenges. This year’s challenge will have a military fitness theme and will also include learning about Asian Cooking.

The cost of registration is $35.00 and includes t-shirt, activities on the 100 day schedule at many local facilities, guidance via Facebook and emails, a finale party where you can win free gym memberships!

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