New this year, pick your challenge! We have a new and exciting list of challenges you can do to complete this separate challenge during the program.

Climb Devil’s Lake Bluffs

500 foot tall bluffs of Devil’s Lake State Park will take 17 trips up Strand Adventures 30 foot climbing walls. Register for a $10 one month pass at Strand Adventures to get in your 500 foot climb. OR >>>Complete this at home… Do 82 flights of stairs (calculated by each flight being 10 steps or 12 feet, we took the 500 foot bluff divided by 12 BUT the physical effort of climbing is twice that of stair climbing so we doubled the ‘at home’ distance so you’ll KNOW you’ve done an amazing challenge!)

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Indoor Ironman Triathlon

Swim/pool walk 2.4 miles (169 lengths), Bike 112 miles, Run/walk 26.22 miles! Both the YMCA and HFM Wellness Center are available for $10 from Feb 17th to March 17th to complete your mileage. Participation in a water class counts as 20 lengths.

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Swim the English Channel

21 miles = 656 lengths in the pool! Calculated over 30 days, that’s only about 22 lengths per day – do you have it in you? You may walk or swim these lengths. We’ll know who did this challenge – you’ll be the one with the pruney fingers! Participation in a water class counts as 20 lengths.

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50 miles, we could have chosen 100 miles, these super long races are out there, and the distances of 50 or 100 miles are done all at once over many hours of continuous running. We’re asking you to complete 50 miles in 30 days. No memberships are needed for this, but this could be completed at Planet Fitness, the YMCA, or HFM Wellness Center. You can also complete mileage at home, but be aware that this is dedicated exercise mileage, NOT daily miles recorded on a fitness tracker). Mileage on an elliptical, or treadmill are included as well as on land.

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Bike Across Wisconsin

225 miles from LaCrosse to Green Bay, some folks aim to do this ride in one or two days! We’re giving you 30 days! (You’re welcome). If your thing is cycling, get those padded bike shorts on and ride at least 7.5 miles per day! This hefty challenge can be done on your own bike at home, or at HFM Wellness Center, the YMCA, or Planet Fitness, or even outdoors if you’ve got one of those ‘fat tire’ bikes!

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TEAM CHALLENGE: Team of 3 to 5 participants: Swim to Ludington

61.7 miles = 4,344 lengths! Wowsers!!! Take the ferry back, you’ll be tired and chilly! As long as all of the lengths are completed, you can divide them up between team members any way you like. Participation in a water class counts as 20 lengths.

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TEAM CHALLENGE: Team of 5 to 8 participants: Bike the circumference of Lake Michigan

1,100 miles! Beware of saddle sores – this team event would be best done together, gather some friends – attend classes together, or get together on your own and let’s see who can complete this very difficult challenge! Divide up the mileage between team members any way you like.

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Participation Notes

You can purchase 1 month memberships at any or all participating facilities* (HFM Wellness Center, YMCA, Planet Fitness, Strand Adventures) for the bargain of only $10.00 within the 30 day time period of Feb Feb 17th to March 17th. You may earn no more than 1 prize no matter how many challenges you complete, but the fitness level you achieve from completing them all is priceless, right?! Mileage in one event cannot count towards another (so miles swam for the Ironman do not count towards the English Channel swim).

Team challenges–all mileage must be completed in full – are you willing to hold up your end of the bargain? Can you encourage your team mates to complete theirs?

Download the mileage tracker and record your mileage as you go, then bring in your completed mileage tracker to the YMCA OR HFM Wellness Center Front Desk NO LATER THAN CLOSE OF BUSINESS Thursday March 19th, 2020!